Globe reports MBTA plans commuter trains to Foxboro  

MCAS scores
The state has posted results of the spring 2014 MCAS tests.

This page opens with Walpole results by grade districtwide. One of the links on the left leads to previous years' district results.

A check box on the district page, at right near top, offers the school-by-school results. Click the "schools" box and then select a school from the "select organization" pull-down menu immediately below the checkbox.

Once on the individual school's page, click on the "assessment" link in a menu bar near the top (third bar down.) The annual comparison link at left on the resulting page is for the specific school.

Walpole weather
The rains returned in October. John Anderson's column.

Notices from Alexander F. Thomas and Sons Funeral Home.

Notices from James H. Delaney & Son Funeral Home

Notices from Ginley Funeral Homes. (Includes Walpole, Franklin and Medway funeral homes)

Police logs
The police department's web page offers links to incident and arrest logs.

School menus
Here's the school department's link page for breakfast and lunch menus for all schools.

Walpole election results
The town clerk has posted the results of the election here.

Note that the pdf file has three pages, with the override on page 3.

Pages 2 and 3 should be accessible from a menu at top of your browser window. The size of the print can be increased there too.

Blogs, links
Friends of Francis William Bird Park, Facebook

Walpole Recreation's Facebook page

Sam Obar's blog

Friends of the Walpole Public Library

Walpole Public Library calendar

Mike Iwanowicz
Walpole columnist

Walpole Town Meeting (Jon Rockwood)

The Walpole Peace and Justice Group

Walpole Friends of Music

Potters Place

More Walpole links, including MCAS results, MBTA bus and commuter rail schedules.

Foxboro trains
The Boston Globe reports Nov. 20 that the MBTA already intends to run commuter trains between Patriots Place in Foxboro and Boston via the junction at Walpole station. The trains would serve Patriots Place and Dorchester, but skip past Walpole and other suburban stops.

The MBTA will meet with Walpole selectmen at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 2, in the Johnson Middle School auditorium.


Earlier stories this autumn from The Attleboro Sun Chronicle:
and here.

Here are a couple of WalpoleNews stories from the 2010-12 go-around and a WalpoleWords thread from back then, still available for new comments.

Next town admin
Mike Iwanowicz seeks comments (link fixed) on a new thread about choosing the next town administrator as Michael Boynton leaves for the similar post in Medway.

Council on Aging
COA November newsletter pdf

COA web page

Hessco serves the elderly in Walpole and
neighboring towns.

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